Peter Broughton & Gayle Crozier said..

This was our second try at selling our home, the first time with two different agents and was unsuccessful. With Paul we instantly felt better informed, better respected as clients and more valued. Paul and the team successfully sold the house.

Graham & Marilyn Cliff reviewed..

“We cannot speak too highly of our agent, Paul Titcombe, who made what is usually a stressful process into one that we look back on with great satisfaction."


Alan Clayton mentioned,

"Right from the word go, Paul was focused on getting the best result for us. We would not hesitate to engage him again.”

Rainer W. Buhmann said,

"I would highly recommend Paul to anyone looking to sell their home as he is by far the best agent I’ve come across.”


Mr and Mrs Potts says..

"We are pleased to recommend Paul Titcombe as an agent for the sale of private homes. He was very conscientious in going about the work required to effect what was a very satisfactory sale."

Linda Stone mentioned,

"Paul would be the best real estate professional I have ever dealt with. Highly recommended!"

Margaret and Bob Morris told,

"Paul was very diligent, efficient and gave wise advice when it was needed. Above all, we benefited from his energy and enthusiasm."

Megan Browne told,

Paul was highly organised, efficient and reliable throughout the entire process of selling my house. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Paul for anyone selling their home.

Antonio Loiacono reviewed,

Paul was amazing to deal with. He achieved a fantastic result when we sold our house. We can confidently recommend Paul and are very happy to have him as our real estate agent!

Marguerite McDonald said..

I was extremely pleased with the result. I would thoroughly recommend Paul if you are selling your house.

Melissa Perks mentioned,

Paul is trustworthy, reliable and always very positive in his approach. He achieved a great outcome for us and we would recommend him to anyone selling.

Kate Taylor says..

Paul went above and beyond in so many ways... he achieved a fantastic outcome thanks largely to his knowledge, experience and hard work!